Our Story

Our Story

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Hello, my name is Craig Nickels and I would like to share with you our Delirium Ideas story.

I served in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for more than a quarter of a century as a Chef and in my final position as the Senior Navy Chef my responsibilities included developing galley (kitchen) equipment requirements and assessing galley plans for future ship builds, and had the honour of managing the RAN chef cohort of 550 personnel. This gave me great insight to what chefs need to prepare, produce and serve a great product.

I served at sea in six ships for over 12 years, I shudder to think how many tens of thousands of meals I served to some of our country’s finest, both on land and at sea. I have had the honour of mentoring many aspiring chefs over the journey and my message to all of them is simple, get the basics right. The cornerstone of all cooking and catering is getting the basics correct, part of these basics is to have a great set of knives that you can count on 100%.

Cooking has been a passion of mine since I was just a young bloke.  This commitment and continual discovery around food has not only taken me around the globe, but it is also responsible for teaching me great lessons in life and industry; dedication, health and attention to detail to name but a few.  It has also helped me to harness my creative side, developing my personality, flair and style through what I plate up be that at work or for friends and family.

The reality of the food services industry is it is tough. It’s a beast that waits for no man or woman.  If you can’t keep up, it will chew you up and spit you out.

Delirium Ideas showcase item is the ‘Agile Chef’s Knife Set’ (ACKS) which features a superb set of Chef knives, knife block and sling back pack which allows you to work in almost all catering areas. The ACKS has been developed by Chefs for Chefs with the demands of your workplace foremost in mind. The ACKS is light and agile. When in the workplace, your knives are right where you need them. It also allows for ease of carrying freeing both hands so you can concentrate on any other task.

The development of the ACKS has ensured it is light and agile, it uses high quality modern componentry that will withstand the commercial environment and it is extremely flexible… and has the ability to take them with you, no matter the location.

More broadly, about Delirium Ideas, we are dedicated to improvement and innovation, it’s at the centre of everything we do, it’s the kernel of our creative thoughts. We strive to incorporate, streamline and optimise well-known items to create solutions for industry that will ultimately improve and enrich people’s lives. We have partners we work with in R & D and are developing new creative ideas for release in the future.

My favourite story of adaptation and innovation involves US inventor Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the light bulb and transforming everybody’s life, in truth Thomas Edison pulled together the ideas and patents of many people and developed these into a light bulb that burned bright and burned for longer than a couple of minutes. That’s innovation!

My wife Anna and I are so proud to offer the Agile Chef’s Knife Set or ACKS as I like to call it. As stated the ACKS features a superb set of Chef knives, knife block and sling back pack which allows you to work in almost all catering locations and circumstances… and importantly, the ACKS is 100% money back fully guaranteed – you have to use it to fully appreciate it– you will not be disappointed.

  • I've been a Chef for 15 years and Delirium Ideas have finally produced the quality set of Travel knives I have been looking for. The knives are awesome.
    – Jason, Sous Chef and Kitchen Manager Sydney –

  • What an amazing product, I found these knives to be outstanding. A great weight to them.

    I especially like the boning knife for its size and the large chef knife for its weight. Doing long shifts the weight of the knife does all the work to ensure that your wrists and hands don't over compensate.

    Another great quality of these knives is the edge on them, the blade keeps its edge and sharpness remarkably. Not to mention the block the knifes come in with a carry bag perfect for chefs on the run.

    Thanks for the great product, I highly recommend these knifes to any chef in the industry.
    – Peter Janes, Commercial Chef, Canberra –
  • The ACKS is an innovative idea that enables you to carry your tools of the trade around discreetly and hands free. An outstanding set of professional knives as good as anything else on the market you would pay twice as much for. A must for the professional chef ‘on the move
    – Phil, Professional Chef, Canberra –